What are the benefits of practicing yoga?

  • Tones and strengthens all major muscle groups, and restores body systems, bringing them to balance
  • Increases balance, cardiovascular and muscular strength, flexibility and stamina
  • Promotes weight loss, and improves your energy levels and metabolism
  • Reduces the risk of sports injury and accelerates recovery time; our heated classes in particular allow for deeper, safer stretching, promoting muscle elasticity
  • Increases concentration and focus while reducing the effects of stress
  • Increases oxygen levels in the blood stream, and improves respiratory function and lung expansion capacity
  • Particularly in our hot classes, the yoga helps flush toxins out of the body

How often can/should I practice yoga?

  • Unlike other forms of exercise, you need no rest or recovery days from yoga; you can practice yoga every day! You are energizing your muscles and all systems of your body. The more you practice the more benefits you will see. We recommend a minimum goal of 10 yoga classes per month to see the most benefits. Always, some yoga is better than none!
  • At the core of our school is the Original Hot Yoga class, which is a therapeutic practice above all else. We offer several other classes on our schedule that will complement and supplement a regular hot yoga practice. We encourage you to explore a diverse practice and see how agile and versatile your body becomes as a result!

I've never done yoga before. What classes can/should I take?

  • All of our classes are open and welcome to beginners, though we recommend our Original Hot 90 or Restore classes if you are a true novice. Yoga is always open to individuals of all fitness levels, and we welcome you to come to our school just as you are and practice what you wish! You practice as best you can on any given day, knowing you can always do more later.

What if I'm not flexible?

  • Flexibility, like strength and endurance, is built over time. One of the best reasons to practice is because you are not flexible. With patience, perseverance, and regular practice, the more open you will feel and the more resistant you will be to injury and pain. Many of our classes also allow for the ability to adjust the intensity of your postures, so you can stretch as you are best able on any given day.

Can I practice yoga if I'm injured or pregnant?

  • Yes. If you are pregnant and have never practiced before, it is not recommended to begin your yoga practice during your first trimester. However, the Original Hot 90 and Restore classes are safe to practice during your entire pregnancy. Some poses are modified slightly to accommodate the growing baby.

Can I arrive late to class?

  • Unfortunately, no.  Please arrive 15-20 minutes before class begins.  Our doors close at class time.  If you have pre-registered for a class that is full your spot will be released if you have not arrived 5 minutes before class time.