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Mekhala Lvl2 Program

10/13/2021 - 12/15/2021

What the heck is this?

The Mekhala System is a personal growth and development program that prepares yoga practitioners for a deeper understanding of life on the yogic path. Through a comprehensive core curriculum rooted in foundational yoga principles, texts, and philosophy, yogis will expand their knowledge about yoga as a discipline.  With a self-defined mission statement, trainees also create the opportunity to focus on elements of yoga that individually inspire and ignite. Progression through the Mekhala Program is structured as preparatory work for future entry into a yoga teacher training and/or other roles in the yoga community.

Mekhala is a Sanskrit term for “belt.” As you progress through the seven basic levels of the Mekhala System, you not only add to your knowledge and experience, but also add to your belt! Each level coordinates with a different color belt, earned after an assessment. You can continue in the Mekhala System until all belts have been earned. Throughout your journey, however long you choose that to be, you will also have the chance to add “flair” to your belt that coordinates with supplemental continuing education pursuits.

What does the program look like?

The Mekhala Program (Orange Belt) begins as a 9-week commitment, with each week including a collective group seminar with discussion of basic yoga philosophy, at least two hours of asana practice, and assigned reading that supplements your understanding of the core curriculum material as well as the specialty work you choose to pursue per your mission statement. Over the course of the 9 weeks, you will also receive (2) 30-minute private lessons and access to classes offered by the Yoga Factory community.

Collective seminars will be Wednesdays 7:30-9pm beginning October 13th and concluding December 15th (we will not have a seminar on November 24th). Sessions are recorded for those who cannot attend in person. We will have a special guest instructor and a group event as a part of this Orange Belt program, too!

If you participate in the Mekhala System, you will receive access to Yoga Factory classes both online and on-site, in addition to our extensive video library. Weekly seminars will be conducted over Zoom/In Person. Local students and those who choose to visit are welcome to complete as much of their weekly assignments in person as they choose.  Those not local to Pittsburgh can also complete this program virtually. Your program progress and logistical communications will be in capable hands, so you have ongoing mentorship and support along your yoga journey. The Mekhala Program is accessible, adaptable, and customizable to meet your needs and aspirations.

Who is it for?

Anyone! The Mekhala System is open to students, aspiring instructors, established teachers, beginners, and long-term practitioners. If you have the desire to deepen your yoga knowledge and make it a bigger part of your daily life beyond your time on the mat, this is the program for you. If you have aspired to learn more but are not quite ready or interested in becoming a yoga instructor, this is the program for you. If you are already an instructor and want to take your profession to the next level or develop your offerings to the community, this is the program for you. Mekhala is designed to inspire growth and development both on and off your mat.